Mansionhost Program

This club is about traveling, associating with like minded people, experiencing all that life has to offer and helping each member to succeed.


We have designed a unique membership opportunity with the club...One time initiation fee is $250, monthly membership fee is $125 all events are paid with reward points.

The Club was not designed to be an Internet business opportunity. The events are to train you to be a qualified host or hostess for EWC/Mansionhost Luxury Events. The events are valued well below what the same trip would cost for a single couple with the same amenities at the same property. The concept is to offer incredible vacations coupled with real training to enable you to invite friends and associates to experience the finest locations and lifestyle that most people never could.

The interesting thing about this club, it was started by myself and a few wealthy friends that traveled for fun. We would decide where we would all like to go and I would arrange for the private estate, castle, yacht or whatever we needed. I enjoyed the challenge of finding the perfect accommodations for our five couples.

Since retiring after selling my business, I decided to make the club into a full time business. I wanted more people to have the opportunity to experience the incredible places I have been and introduce as many people as possible to this amazing opportunity. It is basically a business where you invite friends to have an incredible experience at an amazing price and then you can get trained to host your own trips (Mansionhost Program) and it continues.

Travel~Wealth~Lifestyle...Living Life at it's Best!

The Exclusive Wealth Club is a very simple concept. We arrange for exclusive events all around the world for small groups (5) couples, in private villas and mansions. This arrangement enables members to meet other club members and experience amazing Private Mansions at less than half what it would cost a single couple. The Mansionhost Program enables members to invite people to learn how to become a host or hostess so that they can teach others how to live an incredible life. EWC takes care of all of the details the Mansionhost, provides the on-site representation for the Exclusive Wealth Club. It is a very simple business for those people that love to travel beyond first class and to meet fun and exciting people.

The most unique aspect of the Mansionhost Program: you only have to pay once for a LIFETIME of incredible vacations (Per Couple or TWO people); after you have been trained as a host or hostess you will never pay for another event at that level. Now you can travel the world as a host or hostess and invite (4) new couples to enjoy the same benefits that you enjoy.

The Mansionhost program is divided into two parts: the Sponsoring of members that attend an event and the hosting of an event. This strategy allows members to derive an income by sponsored members attending events being a host or both. There is no other program that we are aware of that supports their membership in this way.

The cost to attend an Exclusive Wealth Club (7) Day Event is 12,500 EWC Reward Credits. By sponsoring friends that become members, you can earn a LIFETIME of exclusive, one week vacations at top destinations with world class private accommodations, private chef and other activities and amenities. Some people will take 2-4 trips per year, if you want to do this just for leisure purposes. EWC Members earn Reward credits for sponsoring new members when they attend club events,  these credits can be used towards any club event. If you want to make this a full time income you need to join the Mansionhost Program.

Let's go through some scenarios about the Mansionhost opportunity. First to be able to become eligible to become part of the Mansionhost program you must be a  Mansionhost Member of the EWC, the opportunity is NOT available to the general public,The cost of E.W.C. Mansionhost Membership: Initiation Fee: $250.00 (payable upon membership approval) Monthly Membership fee: $125.00 Per month. We schedule training events of one week to get people trained as host or hostesses for our Club. Since the events are training events they are usually tax deductible expenses.

We have a New Member Orientation event that pre-qualifies people that want to become a host or hostess for the Exclusive Wealth Club. This is a special (7) Day event held in a spectacular private mansion, with a private chef and evening cocktail parties just like any of our other full (7) Day events. When you attend and are pre-qualified to become a host or hostess you can then attend a Mansionhost training event. This special seven day event is a chance for people to experience the lifestyle of the Exclusive Wealth Club and decide if they want and are qualified to be a Mansionhost or Social member.

There are three types of Luxury Events that we sponsor with Member Hosts and they are all one week Saturday to Saturday in length.

  • 1) The first is the Mansion Host Training: This is 12,500 EWC Reward Credits and is intended to train people to become Mansionhost or hostesses for our company.
  • 2) The second is Adventure Host Training: This is 25,000 EWC Reward Credits and can only be purchased by those host or hostesses that have hosted 5 Host Event training events.
  • 3) The third is VIP Training: This is 50,000 EWC Reward Credits and can only be purchased by those host or hostesses that have hosted 5 adventure events.


Compensation Schedule:

                                             New Member Orientation Event,  Sale $1.000    Hosting     N/A

                                             Mansionhost Event                        Sale $1,000    Hosting  $4,000

                                             Adventure Event                            Sale $2,000    Hosting  $8,000

                                             VIP Event                                      Sale $4,000    Hosting $16,000 


Remember members can only receive compensation from their sponsored members and from events that they have attended themselves, the exception is the  (7 Day) New Member Orientation Event, Standard Members are compensated $1000.00 per couple for each event purchased by a member they sponsored. Most people join the club to travel and make extra income or just have a great time and meet people that share their passion for enjoying life and all it has to offer. Let's go through a 12 month scenario: First attend the new Member Orientation Event, meet other members and learn about the club and Mansionhost Program cost 12,500 EWC Reward Credits (Can be a single member, couple or two friends travelling together per bedroom as do all of the events).


If your sponsored members, attend the 12 New Member Orientation event you would earn $12,000 in compensation.

You purchase the Mansionhost training event which is a full 7 day Saturday to Saturday event Cost 12,500 EWC Reward Credits. If you host 10 events you would earn $125,000 in free vacations and $40,000 in host compensation. If you personally sold the event tickets (40) you could earn an additional $40,000 for a total compensation year one of $205,000. After hosting 5 Mansionhost events you decided to attend the Adventure Host Event. The compensation becomes $2000 for each event sold and $8,000 for being the host. Compensation as an Adventure Host would double and would look something like this for year two, with you just hosting 12 second level trips.


If you host 10 events you would earn $250,000 in free vacations and $80,000 in host compensation. If your sponsored members attended the event, you could earn an additional $80,000 for a total compensation of $410,000. After hosting 5 Adventure events you decided to attend the VIP Event. The compensation becomes $4000 for each event sold and $16,000 for being the host. Compensation as an VIP Host would double and would look something like this for year three, with you hosting just 10 VIP Events.


If you host 10 events you would earn $500,000 in free vacations and $160,000 in host compensation. If your sponsored members attended the event you could earn an additional $160,000 for a total compensation of $820,000.


To sum it up. People go on an incredible vacation that they get at a great price. They can decide to become a host or hostess (Mansionhost Program)and not only vacation for free but get compensated as well. Each trip level offers a unique experience with each being more exclusive with amazing options on each trip. So you basically can make a very good living going on vacations, amazingly simple really.

All figures and scenarios are for illustration purposes only. Please review the income disclosure.